Datawarehousing Tableau Online Training


We developed a Virtual Classroom experience to meet the needs of all who are interested to learn Tableau. Tableau training, teaches advance methodologies to visually analyse data, connecting data and creating views. The sessions are held discovering data visualization with practical demonstration so that students achieve complete knowledge and can implement in real-time projects.


  • Tableau Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Tableau and its uses
    • Tableau Architecture and Components
    • Tableau Environment and Work Spaces
    • Viewing and Analysing the data using Tableau
    • Connecting to various data sources using Tableau
    • Creating Dimensions and Measures using the Tableau Interface
    • Copy and Paste Functions in Tableau
    • Single table & Multiple table, Help Menu And Samples
  • Advanced Topics

    This module of Tableau will give you hands on experience on how to write SQL Queries in Tableau, edit data connection, import and export data connections, Creation of Tableau Custom Calculation and efficiency tips in Tableau.

    • Writing Custom SQL Queries in Tableau
    • Tableau Data Menu & Editing Data Connections
    • Importing and Exporting Data Connections in Tableau
    • Size and Transparency in Tableau
    • Highlighting
    • Tableau Dual Axis multiple measures
    • Dates
    • Difference from previous
    • What are Table calculations with other calculations in Tableau
    • Running total and Cumulative metrics in Tableau
    • Creating Tableau custom calculations
    • If/then calculations, Date calculations in Tableau
    • Tableau Table calculations
    • Efficiency Tips in Tableau

    By end of this module, you will get hands on experience on working with Tableau Trend Lines and publishing analytics to various applications

    • Grouping, Aliases, Filtering in Tableau Cross Tabs-(Pivot tables)
    • Aggregation & Dis-aggregation in Tableau
    • Tableau Trend lines, Page trial, Total & Subtotal, Labels and Annotations, Sharing Workbooks, Publish to Reader, Publish to Office, Publish to PDF in Tableau
  • Tableau Server

    The focus of this Tableau online training session, will be to learn about installing and managing Tableau in an Enterprise that includes Creation of Tableau Project, groups and assign permission to projects and finally connecting to data with data server and update the data sources.

    • Tableau Single Installer, Worker Installer, Authentication
    • Processes, Data Server, Backgrounder, SSL in Tableau
    • Create the Tableau First Admin User
    • Create Tableau Projects and Groups, Assign Permissions to Projects
    • Licensing, Data Connections in Tableau
    • Metadata Management in Tableau
    • Connecting to data with Data Server
    • Updating Data Sources
  • Tableau Administration

    At the end of this of module, will focus on day to day administrative tasks that are performed by Tableau Server.

    • Create Tableau Projects and Groups
    • Assign Permissions to Projects in Tableau
    • Tableau Licensing
    • Data Connections in Tableau
    • Effects of different permissions in Tableau
    • Grouping Users in Tableau
    • Managing Tableau Server Security