Peoplesoft DBA Online Training

Chapter 1:

Architecture Overview

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, PeopleSoft Databases, PeopleSoft Servers like Batch Server, Application Server and the Web Server, Platform Support.

Chapter 2:

Installing the PeopleSoft Environment

The Installer, Customer Participation, General Timeline, Preparation Steps. Installing the PeopleSoft software, PeopleSoft Servers, Workstation configuration, configuration profiles, Configuration manager command line options.

Chapter 3:

PeopleSoft Databases

Installed Databases, PeopleSoft database security, The System and Demo databases, Archiving the Original databases. Creating new databases, Running the Audit SQRs, Vanilla Implementation and Configured Implementation.

Chapter 4:

BEA Tuxedo (Application server)

Transaction processing
The three-tier model and n-tier model, Services and processes, Tuxedo and JOLT and Spawning and Decaying processes, Tuxedo and Peoplesoft, Installing Tuxedo, Tuxedo Services.

Chapter 5:

Creating and Configuring Application Server Domains

Application server components, Tuxedo processes, Peoplesoft processes, Port addresses, Application Server domains, Creating an application server domain, The PSADMIN utility, creating a new domain and Domain configuration files.

Configuring an application server domain , Booting and Shutting Down domains.

Chapter 6:

Application server administration

Chapter 7:

The Web Server

Chapter 8:

Installing and configuring Peoplesoft web components

Chapter 9:

Installing People books

Chapter 10:

Batch Environment and Components overview

Chapter 11:

Configuring the Batch environment

Chapter 12:

Report Management and Monitoring the Batch environment

Chapter 13:

Troubleshooting and Tuning

Chapter 14:

Tracing, troubleshooting and debugging

Single user Tracing - &trace = y (In PIA URL)
Tracing in Application Server and Process Scheduler
PC-Debugger (Application Server Domain)
Application Server Log files
WebServer –PIA Log files
Process Scheduler Log files

Chapter 15:

PeopleSoft Security

User ID
Permission Lists
Password controls

Chapter 16:

PeopleSoft Customer Connection (

Logon to PeopleSoft Customer Connection
Patches, Updates, Fixes, Tax Updates
Create, Update and Manage the PeopleSoft Cases
Finding the Resolutions.

Chapter 17:

Upgrade Assistant, Change Assistant

Chapter 18:

Integration Broker- Configuration and Setup

Chapter 19:

PeopleSoft Environment refreshes.

Chapter 20:

Overview of Installing and configuring SES.